We have experience to facilitate the investors to finance the project, both equity and debt, by utilizing our contacts from local and international lenders including ADB, IDB and IFC etc. to obtain the major part of financing for the Project. We have previously prepared all the required documentations e.g. sponsors profile, information memorandums, agreements, financial models, repayment strategy etc. We have made presentations and representations on behalf of the sponsors to lenders and agents appointed by the lenders for the due diligence of the Project. We can assist in the term sheets and tentative disbursement schedules discussions with lenders to finalize the debt portion of the Project.

Additionally, we have ability and experience to approach the local and international investors to get them convinced for participating in the equity of the Project either through preferred stock or through common stock depending upon the requirements of the Project and main sponsors. We have expertise in preparing and negotiating the shareholders agreements on behalf of main sponsors and the strategy of injection of new investors in the company.

We have participated minutely in Project’s Financing activities and have assisted our clients in the pre-financial close transaction management of the Project for raising equity financing. We have assisted and advised in determining optimal capital structure and financing plan for Project by taking into account Project’s specific condition, domestic and external circumstances and results of the Financial Model.

We have necessary skills and experience to assist our clients in negotiating and finalizing the finance documents with individual and consortium of lenders. We know the importance of synchronizing the finance documents with Project Agreements and Contracts.