Welcome To AJC Consulting

AJC is a squad of qualified experts and advisers, who have mastered in their corresponding fields, providing management consultancy services to a variety of business sectors. Our team comprises the competent and skillful gurus, who have efficacious track record of delivering assignments meritoriously and competently.

We have established ourselves by providing differentiated services to our associates over time. We have excellent working affiliation with multifarious upright organisations since our evolution in year 2005. Our associates engaged us throughout the assignment periods and treated us as an indispensable talent of their businesses.

We take pride in being a steadfast strength to our associates. We provide with quality services to help them achieve their legitimate goals, while being honest and fair, and respecting laws and culture of the area in which we and our associates function.

Our Core Values

Our mission is to serve our associates, by creating value to their business and inspire them by our leadership, passion, integrity and quality.
We will do whatever comes our way as challenge in managing the business of our associates. We will deliver the assignments as, they are meant to be delivered. We will go an extra mile to facilitate & add value to the business of our clients.
AJC came into actuality with the concept of making a positive transformation of the existing management consultancy practice. We recycled the word “Client” and remodeled it as “Associate”, to better understand the requirements and outlooks of the entity, which appoint us as adviser. This way we become the part of business of our associates and are always ready to go an extra mile to maximize its value.
We provide our associates with turnkey solutions to their problems and opportunities. Our team embraces the experts who comprehend, and are equipped with, essential leadership & problem solving skills required to accomplish the needs of our associates. Our continuous focus on expansion and innovation, together with commitment to quality, excellence, integrity and confidentiality, has significantly contributed to our progress over a short span of time. We drive ourselves with knowledge; need assessment and expectations of our associates. Our values keep our associates on long term basis. We act as a 24/7 company, when our associates need us.

Our team embraces the professionals who are problem solvers by profession, who understand the needs & expectations of our associates, and who know the art of getting the things done. They are productive, result oriented, output driven and swift responders.

Our team understands that they work in an organisation, which is growing by the growth of its associates. They join us because they want to be a part of organisation, which has impact on outer world, and they want to be part of that impression. They appreciate the working environment, continuous learning and insight knowledge of countless segments of Industry.

We hire people, keeping in view our appetite & ambition to support our associates. We want to grow with our people’s growth. We compensate them with rich experience, learning from seniors and competitive packages. We retain them by sharing our vision and providing a culture second to none.

We provide our teammates with a supportive environment that encourages them to make appropriate, ethical and meticulous decisions impacting our business in a constructive way.