AJC Consulting has significant experience and have comprehensive understanding of greenhouse gas (GHG) management projects and implication of their undertaking in various sectors, with members of the team who have been working with the only registered hydropower project of Pakistan with UNFCCC (i.e. New Bong Escape Hydropower Project) and are now at final stage of validation and registration of 720 MW Karrot Hydropower Project. We are at developing stage for some other hydropower projects as CDM activity that includes 20 MW Lucky Hydropower Project, 2.6 MW Machai Hydropower Project and 500 MW Chakothi Hattian Hydropower Project.

Based on our experience, we can provide assistance in following;

  • Planning CDM Activity
  • Prior Consideration & Host Country Approval
  • Project Idea Note
  • Project Design Document
  • Financial Viability Analysis
  • Baseline Emissions & Crediting Period
  • Monitoring Methodology
  • Additionally Demonstration
  • Monitoring Plan
  • Environmental Impacts
  • DNA Approval
  • PDD Validation
  • Project Registration