Pakistan is facing sever electricity deficit due to wiggling gap between demand and supply of energy. An analysis of electricity data for year 2012-13 reveal that the minimum shortfall was 1,141 MW, while it touched the figured of 6,390 MW at one point in period under consideration. The average shortfall over the year remained 3,886 MW which is around 26% of the average demand of electricity during year.

The maximum generation during the year was 14,756 MW which is only 78% of the maximum demand of electricity. Whereas the minimum generation during the year was 7,345 MW which is 65% of the minimum demand in the same period.

The total generation was 95,364 GWh during year 2011-12, however 2,382 GWh were consumed as auxiliary load by power plants. This generation represent only 47% capacity utilization. The extraordinary transmission and distribution losses (around 22%) have added to catastrophe.

Average demand for electricity remained at peak during the months of July, August and September respectively, while it remained at nethermost during the months of December, March and February respectively. The Shortfall of electricity was extreme during the months of January, April and July respectively averaging to above 4,500 MW.