Acquiring a Project is immediately followed by the development of a bankable feasibility Study according to the TORs provided by the Project awarding Authority. The relevant power authority constitute a panel of experts (POE) to supervise and monitor the progress and quality of the Feasibility Study according to the TORs provided by them. To progress the project beyond this stage is subject to approval of Feasibility Study of the Project by POEs.

We do understand the requirements/ TORs of federal and provincial power authorities and we have been successfully assisted our associates to clear this phase of the Project. We have assisted our previous associates and clients in following areas;

  • Assistance in the preparation of RFP for inviting national and international consultants to conduct the feasibility study of the project.
  • Assistance in the evaluation of the bids and preparation of a ranking report of participating consultants.
  • Assistance in travelling and visa and lodging arrangements of Project team.
  • Assistance in meeting arrangements with relevant authorities and officers.
  • Assistance in drafting a contract for Feasibility Study Consultant
  • Preparation of Financial and Economic Feasibility of Project
  • Assistance in development of site office & local facilitation
  • Supervision of progress of Feasibility Study by coordination with POEs and relevant power authorities
  • Assistance in preparation of Hydrology Model and report
  • Assistance in development of Initial Environmental Examination report of the Project
  • Assistance in approval of Feasibility Study Report.

Our team includes internationally renowned technical and financial partners, financial consultants, legal advisors, economists, business experts and environmentalists with several years of experience in their fields. This network of associated consultants gives us access to wide base skills and experience.