We have developed, tested and implemented a state of the art comprehensive Financial Model for various power projects in Pakistan. The model caters all the aspects to assess the financial viability of the Project from the perspective of investors and lenders.

The model is flexible to provide desired results to both equity investors and lenders. An exhaustive financial analysis is incorporated to review the financial viability of project from the perspective of lenders and project sponsors.

Financial Statements for the life of project (from the date of acquiring the project till end of concession period) are available to be viewed on quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis as desired by user. The reporting currency can also be changed from power purchase agreement to US$ or whatever required by Project Developer.

An interactive dashboard is prepared to facilitate the user to see all the financial results on one single sheet in 40 cells. A combo graph is inserted which provides the flexibility to see more than 7,000 graphs on the same sheet just by the click of mouse.

Following are the main scenario variables for evaluating the performance of project in varying circumstances;

  • Project Cost
  • Project Capacity
  • Hydrology
  • Capital Structure
  • Loan Terms Sheet
  • Required Rate of Return
  • O&M Cost
  • Project Timelines
  • Dividend Policy
  • Debt Reserves
  • Early/Delayed Completion
  • Exchange Rate
  • Inflation
  • Carbon Revenues etc.

Extensive training will be provided with the supply of financial model and we remain available for troubleshooting as and when the need arises.