Project Description

Worked on this project for two different clients. This project was first advertised as Semi-Raw Site and our scope of work was as follows in first round of services.

  • Preparation of project viability analysis report based on primary data available.
  • Preparation and submission of project proposal
  • Preparation of tariff model of the Project.
  • Preparation of Financial data in support of the Project.
  • Development of Bidder & Contractors information in the Proposal.
  • Preparation of Bidder’s Project Schedule and Staffing Plan of overall Project.
  • Preparation of Project Development Methodology and Approach

The same project was later advertised as solicited site from Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO) invited two-stage bids for International Competitive Bidding (ICB) of various hydropower projects in the province. The ICB was based on competitive Tariff and technical strength of bidders. We were assigned the responsibility of preparing a complete bid for our Chinese Client.

Major works included the preparation of cost estimates, project tariff, estimation of development expenditure, financial model of the project, negotiations on project financing with proposed lenders, negotiations with Insurance Agent and finalization of the final bid of the project. The final bid is submitted and PEDO is in process of evaluating the bids.