Project acquisition in Pakistan’s Power Sector can be made through three different courses and we are expert in assisting our associates in all three routes.

  • Acquisition of a solicited Project Site
  • Acquisition of a Raw Project Site
  • Acquisition of an ongoing Project

A solicited Project Site is the one which have already been identified and the Feasibility Study of the Project is readily available to take the Project further towards successful completion.

A raw site is the one which have already been identified but no Feasibility Study is available for such Project. The process of Project acquisition and development is slightly different than the solicited project site.

Private Power & Infrastructure Board (“PPIB”) conducts international competitive bidding to award the solicited and Raw Project sites to successful bidder. We provide the services of preparing and assistance in preparing a competitive bid for the Projects to our associates. We thoroughly understand the mechanism of the federal and provincial power authorities and have successfully participated and got the projects awarded to our associates.

Acquiring an ongoing Project is based on the needs and procurement criteria provided by our associates. In this process we identify the ongoing projects which are at different levels of development and support our associates to secure the Project on win-win basis. We assist in the technical and financial due diligence of the targeted project and isolate the knotty areas along with strategy to cope with those hitches. We assist in the smooth transition of the transaction by facilitating through all aspects of acquisition including corporate requirements, power authority’s rules and regulations, legal matters and accounting treatments.