Acting as an in house team of Project developer, our presence will result into substantial cost savings. Numerous project contracts are required to be made for achieving the financial close inter alia;

  • Construction Contract
  • Equipment Supply Contract
  • Other EPC Works Contract
  • Finance Documents
  • O&M Contract
  • Land Lease Agreements
  • Insurance Contract
  • Owner Engineer Contract
  • Construction Supervision Contract
  • Contracts with Advisors and Consultants etc.

We can assist the legal consultants of the company to finalize these agreements requiring minimal hours of the consultants to save the cost. We have already successfully concluded such agreements under such arrangements for our clients and associates in past.

We can assist in arranging and managing the meetings of sponsors and lenders with relevant governmental authorities, arrange and organize the site visits, financial and technical due diligence of these contracts and provision of cost cutting measures based on rules and regulations of power purchaser and other relevant governmental and non-governmental authorities and organizations.