Based on our vast experience in power sector of Pakistan, we can provide the detailed and accurate project development costs other than the competitive EPC Cost of the Project.

The major cost heads of power project are as follows:

  • EPC Cost
  • Engineering Supervision Cost
  • Owner’s Administration/ Overheads
  • Technical Studies & Tendering Costs
  • Land Acquisition & Resettlement Cost
  • Environmental Assessment & Mitigation Costs
  • Insurance & Interest during Construction
  • O&M Mobilization Cost
  • Custom Duties
  • Lenders/ Financing Fees
  • Owner’s Advisors Cost
  • Lender’s Advisors & Agents Cost etc.

We have experience of preparing a detail project schedule from the date of acquiring till successful commercial operations of the power projects keeping in view the timelines provided by relevant power authorities and Power Policy of government of Pakistan. The Project schedule identifies the resources, material and labor required to complete all the tasks of the project on time.

Detail budget of all the expenses required to be made to conclude the project is prepared by us. This detailed budget helps to defend the costs before National Electric Power regulatory Authority to obtain a viable Project tariff. All the estimates of project consultants are made based on our earlier experience and we have the ability to complete the project within the costs being approved by NEPRA.