Overview of IGCEP 2020-47

Introduction: Integrated Generation Capacity Expansion Plan ("IGCEP") is a comprehensive capacity expansion plan developed by National Transmission & Distribution Company ("NTDC") under obligation imposed by National Electric Power Regulatory Authority ("NEPRA") Grid Code. Current IGCEP covers 28 years of planning period starting from year 2020 [...]

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Overview of Dasu Hydropower Project

Introduction: Dasu Hydropower Project has a cumulative generation capacity of 4,320 MW. The dam is being constructed by WAPDA on River Indus, upstream of Dasu Town in District Kohistan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Province. Proposed RCG (Gravity) Dam has a planned height of 242 meters, [...]

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Power Sector Inside Out (Part-5)

Energy Mix and Generation Cost Electricity tariff for end consumer depends on many factors and divided into many categories for example, domestic users, commercial, industrial, peak time and off peak time rates etc. Moreover tariff also varies according to units of electricity consumed by a [...]

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